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Audiosick // Our dj of the week

His Early Life

Audiosick, aka Bill Paliogiannis is an upcoming Dj/Producer with a name inspired by the hard and dark sounds that characterise his music. Bill grew up in a suburb of Thessaloniki.In his early ages he came in touch with music as a bassist in local bands and then he discovered his passion for electronic music. Afterwards he started to practice further and play as an amateur in local clubs.

Audiosick now

In 2016 he attended music technology courses of #A2LTD which opened doors in the music industry. Also, participated in the 13th Djs contest “City in the mix” which took place at “The Real Rocknrolla” and acknowledged 2nd among 15 competitors. Since then he has made appearances in prestigious clubs of Thessaloniki, such as “The Real Rocknrolla” and “Tokyo Citybar”. Meanwhile he showed up in Mykonos, Chalkidiki and Volos. Soon after the seminars Bill among other Djs in town has established a new concept. They came up with the idea of a floating club (Frigate Club) which occurred in summer 2016. Last but not least he joined “Bass.sessions” project which took place at “The Real Rocknrolla”.
Nowadays, Audiosick apart from working with recognised local teams he has focused on making his first steps on producing so stay tuned and stay sick..

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